Sensation! Expert Sachin found the way to cure diabetes once and for all in two weeks!



Sachin, the most famous scientist-Expert in the India, has found a way to get rid of diabetes! It can be done at home and in just 14 days!

At a medical congress held in India this year, there was an interesting case. All the participants gave a standing ovation to the Indian scientist, Expert Sachin already ten minutes after the beginning of his speech. He proposed a unique formula to prevent diabetes that works even at home and at any age.

Expert Sachin is the author of this innovative idea and the leader of the working group of the leading Indian specialists who took part in its realization. At the same time, it is very important that all key research and production of this supplement takes place in Delhi. Already now, the product has passed all clinical trials, it is produced and gives excellent results in just 14 applications!

How can this new product helps to prevent diabetes for millions of people around the world? In the following article, you will find out the answer to this and other questions together with Expert Sachin and host Reporter Kavita.

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, you are one of the best Expert in the world. Where did you get the idea to make this product?

Expert Sachin, what inspired you to make this product?

It started quite a long time ago, I was still a practicing doctor. One day my mother came to me and complained about high sugar levels. She told me that she went to an endocrinologist, he diagnosed her with type 2 diabetes and prescribed quite a few products, including insulin. After a while, however, my mother's condition worsened anyway and no medication helped her. So I decided to take her to a doctor I knew, an endocrinologist. At that time he was one of the best in our city and it would have taken me several months to get to him by appointment. At the appointment he confirmed my mother's type 2 diabetes. He prescribed expensive strong prescription to keep my mom normal, which had to be taken several times a day. These product made her feel terrible, it pained me to look at her, she became very full, she began to move less, and there were other complications that often occur with diabetes: her vision began to deteriorate because of the weight gain, she began to hurt her joints, and over time she was diagnosed with renal failure. There was no trace of the vibrant, active woman I had known. She was fading more and more with each passing month.

This is what prompted me to research the problems with diabetes. We all know that diabetes could not be cured and that the product that are sold in pharmacies will only keep the patient tolerable for the rest of their life. What I didn't know, however, was that diabetic patients are practically drug addicts, you can only live "from dose to dose" of insulin. You need constant injections, you're constantly afraid you forgot to take the product with you on a trip, and you're afraid it might run out. I've spent the last few years researching this topic and it's paid off. One day I realized that I was on the cusp of solving my diabetes problems!

My mother almost died from diabetes!

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, what did you go through in the process of creating the formula?"

"One of the key things in the process of creating the formula was the creation of our research team. Now there are over 30 top specialists from India, Italy, Israel, and France. All of these people are professionals in their field, the best lab technicians, endocrinologists, lab technicians. Thanks to this, under my leadership, we created a unique product that helps fight diabetes in a comprehensive way, while being absolutely harmless to the person who uses it."

I was offered 120,000 Dollar, but i refused!

"As I was publishing articles about my method of prevention, I immediately received offers from people wanting to buy my invention. I was offered 120,000 Dollar, and American pharmaceutical companies made even bigger offers. I changed my number and stopped using social media because I was getting offers every day."

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, as far as I know, you didn't sell the formula?

Of course not. I didn't create my formula to enrich pharmaceutical companies in other countries. What if I sold the formula? Imagine what price they could sell that product for? A foreign doctor said such a product would cost at least $500. But who can afford such an expensive product?

My goal is that people on a tight budget can also buy this product to prevent diabetes without using other medications.

So when I received an offer to help make the product, I immediately agreed. We worked with specialists at the Research Institute of Endocrinology. The research was completed, and now the product is available.

Reporter Kavita: "What is the value of your formula? Why should as many people as possible know about it?"

Why is your formula so important?

Are you aware of how many people will die from complications of diabetes in 2022? Last year about 100,000 people died in th India. And more than 30% of them died from complications of diabetes! Diabetes has so many complications on the body, even if you prevent it by the use with drugstore remedies, let's break down some of them:

● You will gain weight, no matter what you do, proper diet, exercise, nothing will help you, your body is already not working properly, and diabetes hits all systems, because of this you can gain up to half of your current weight!

● In 80% of cases, the disease leads to complete blindness. Retinal detachment makes it impossible to regain vision. Neither surgery nor laser correction will help. Most often a person becomes helpless and completely dependent on others.

● In 80% of cases, the disease leads to complete blindness. Retinal detachment makes it impossible to regain vision. Neither surgery nor laser correction will help. Most often a person becomes helpless and completely dependent on others.

● With diabetes, the risk of hypertension due to contaminated joint vessels is more serious. When blood pressure is high, cholesterol plaques form blood clots that can break off and then enter the pulmonary artery with the blood flow. This can lead to a thromboembolism, which means death within 10 to 15 minutes. And high blood pressure is present in 98% of diabetics.

● Another frequent complication of diabetes is chronic kidney failure. Most of the time, the kidneys simply stop working and an urgent transplant is needed to avoid death.

● And the worst part is that in its final stages, diabetes causes gangrene. The limbs eventually turn black and there is a foul odor. It ends in amputation.

People must stop suffering from diabetes!

The secret of the effectiveness of my formula lies in the structure of our body. Let's first clarify what causes diabetes. Let's start with the fact that you can get diabetes at any age, and the risk group also includes people who have a family history of diabetes. To date, the following causes of diabetes identified: genetic predisposition (ie, if any of your relatives had or have diabetes), the permanent therapy of chronic diseases (from constant medication your pancreas is not working properly, which causes diabetes), unhealthy diet, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, as well as of course stress. As you can see, diabetes has many causes and they are all quite diverse. So there are a lot of people in absolutely different age groups who are at risk.

Thanks to this formula, first of all, the process of restoration of the pancreas is started, thanks to the regulation of blood flow to it. Which was previously considered impossible! Doctors could not have imagined that somehow the regeneration of the pancreas could be started. Due to the proper blood flow, due to the start of the regeneration process, the blood glucose level is normalized. Thanks to this the level of sugar in the body is reduced, thanks to this the vessels are cleaned, the small capillaries are renewed. As a result, blood pressure is normalized, weakness and drowsiness disappear, the healing of wounds and cuts improves.

The drug has a very important effect of reducing insulin resistance. The biologically active ingredients penetrate directly into the muscles, tissues and cells of the liver and stimulate them to respond better to the presence of hormones in the blood.

In Study, this process is called "secondary cell formation." Over time, the cells begin to expend glucose more actively, leading to a drop in blood glucose levels. Patients notice this immediately. There is no more terrible thirst, vision improves, rashes, burning and itching of the skin disappear, urination is regulated. The level of glycated hemoglobin decreases, as well as the concentration of sugar and acetone in the urine.

You will notice the first changes as early as 5-7 days after you start taking the product, and the full course takes from 14 to 21 days, depending on the input data..

Reporter Kavita: "But they say that when the body is affected by diabetes and the consequences of its complications, constant therapy with prevention is necessary, and only that can keep a person in an acceptable condition."

Diabetes can be prevented without long therapy!

This is not true. This myth is propagated only by big pharmaceutical companies who want to make a lot of money. You can support any system of the body, just eliminate inflammation, improve blood circulation and speed up the removal of dead cells and toxins.

Even my mother, being in critical condition for a long time, started using our product and soon recovered completely! She is unrecognizable, she says it is as if she has been born again! Her weight had returned to normal, her vision had been restored, her joints had recovered, and most importantly, her sugar levels were back to normal. It only took her a few months to make a full recovery. You have no idea how happy she was to be free of diabetes!

In the test group of people who first received our product to prevent diabetes and its consequences, all 150 test subjects, with varying degrees of damage, made a full recovery! People in our country have been struggling with this problem for years because they simply have no one to turn to. It's very sad.

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, how is diabetes prevented? There are many product sold in pharmacies."

"Pharmacies sell different kinds of product, prescription and over-the-counter, but neither help properly. We've done research and found that all those products only relieve symptoms and don't help with diabetes, they just mask high sugar levels. And what's more, they are very damaging to your liver and stomach! So you will buy them time after time to relieve your symptoms. And so until it's too late.

Reporter Kavita: "I mean, can the new product prevent diabetes?"

The main task of the product is to restore the function of the pancreas. One course is enough to start the process of restoration of the pancreas. This is the main principle of prevention.

Our approach is not traditional. Our product is not copied from old products or formulas. It is a unique combination of highly concentrated plant extracts. As a result it is effective and safe for humans.

After 5-7 days of prevention you will feel the first improvements. But do not stop taking the product, you need to take a full course for successful progress. Unlike other products, the ingredients of "Herbal Diabdex Capsule" have a positive effect on the small blood vessels of the eye.

"Herbal Diabdex Capsule" contains about 50 beneficial substances for blood vessels and skin, macro- and micronutrients. Some of the ingredients are: water, coconut oil, St. John's wort extract, chamomile (Matricaria) flower extract, lemon balm leaf extract, marsupial (lichen) extract, sage leaf extract, tea tree leaf oil, pine needle oil, propolis extract, myroxylon balsam (tolu balsam), resin oil, liquid resin, limonene.

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, will the product also be sold in pharmacies? How much will it cost?"

Maybe you know that when we do something important, pharmacists will try to capitalize on it! First, they offered to buy the formula from me, but not to start producing the product, but to stop its mass production. Ineffective product make up an important part of the pharmaceutical market. Our product will make a big difference.

"Herbal Diabdex Capsule" prevention course (14 to 21 days) provides Instant Relief from Diabetes at any stage of the disease. No more expensive medications and constant dependence on insulin injections.

Pharmacies are partners of pharmaceutical companies. And, naturally, they do not want to hear about our product. Although it is the only product recommended by the Ministry of Health, which allows you to start the processes of recovery of the pancreas.

Reporter Kavita: "Expert Sachin, then how can people get the product if it's not in the pharmacy?"

What if the product is not in pharmacy?

We sell our product directly through our official website. Thanks to the fact that we do not pay commissions to pharmacy chains, we are able to keep prices quite low. Also, we conduct advertising campaigns on major news and entertainment resources in the India to attract attention to this product.

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